What is a "Single Visit Crown"?

A Crown or “cap” used to take two visits to the dentist and we’ll admit – it wasn’t very pleasant.  The first visit started with a  traditional "putty" or “goop” based impression of the tooth followed by the fitting of a temporary plastic crown. We would send this mold off to the lab and two weeks later, your new permanent crown would be placed during a second visit.


Today, we use a new (cad/cam) technology developed by CEREC.  In one visit, we take a digital image of the affected tooth (and the rest of the mouth). Dr. Heller uses this image (did we mention there is no “goop”) to design your new crown while you watch a bit of your favorite daytime television.  We can mill the crown on-site (in about 5 minutes).  After a bit of time in our oven, we can permanently affix your new crown.  This entire process takes about an hour.

What are the benefits of this type of crown?

We love our office, but understand why you might want to limit your trips here.   In addition to the convenience of a single visit, your new crown is all-ceramic and looks beautiful.  This new ceramic tooth is colored to match your existing teeth and is very strong.   We permanently bond your new crown in place so that you can stop for a cheeseburger and milkshake on your way home from the office.